About the Stratton Society Website

WELCOME to Strattonville’s Modern Media Operation!!!

The television studio, capable of broadcast-quality, web-friendly video productions, and in-the-field remote video productions, are here for your viewing pleasure! Our custom-designed website allows digital content collected and created by the media venture student-team to be published and distributed.

At Stratton one of our most notable partnerships is with WILL Public Media. A major goal of the partnership was to create a 21st Century Digital Media Center (DMC) housed within the elementary school. With the help of WILL, we have created and equipped a fully functional TV Studio (to be utilized in the “Media Venture”), written Media Literacy Curriculum, AND built a wonderfully interactive website (where you are right now!)

The goals of the of the DMC at Stratton are to help the Stratton community:

  1. Identify the informational needs of our MicroSociety
  2. Provide media literacy training to all Strattonville Citizens
  3. Digital video editing training for “Media Venture” students
  4. Create website content and teach user management

Of the main components in the MicroSociety model, community partnerships with local businesses, organizations, clubs, etc. are near the top in importance. At Stratton Leadership & MicroSociety Magnet School, things are no different. Our partnerships have been created to foster increased student engagement and community involvement. Those partnerships bring experts and enthusiasts into our school’s classrooms to serve as mentors, coaches, volunteers, and general participants in the student’s education and lives.