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Ohs and Ahs!

by Ms. Kranich

There were a lot of "Ohs" and "Ahs" coming from the mouths of the 2nd-5th grade students when they visited Illinois Public Media on Monday.

It was their chance to get their hands on professional broadcast versions of the equipment they have been using since WILL helped them set-up their 21st Century Digital Media Center at Stratton school.  Five of us from WILL have been working with these same kids and their two classroom teachers (Mr. Rose and Mrs. Uppinghouse) since last October. 

My heart leapt with enthusiasm as the 22 kids lined up outside WILL’s building, waiting to enter.  For months we had worked with the teachers to secure their permission slips.  They were finally here!  A couple of the kids’ parents showed up, too. “Ohs” and “Ahs” came from their gapping mouths as they entered our lobby, which reminded some of them of a grand hotel lobby. We split them up into small groups assigned to WILL staff.

In the editing suite, Tim showed them how to speed up or slow down audio in a TV spot.  They laughed at the cartoonish-like sounds.

Sean showed them around the radio news room and they got to record their voices in one of the studios.

In the TV studio, they ran the cameras, read from the teleprompter, hosted a newscast and floor directed -- all things they do in their school studio but in a larger space with bigger equipment. This was a big favorite!

For lunch we all ate pizza together in the station’s break room. No one wanted to leave.

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