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Stratton Media Habits Survey

by Sasha Kinney

In February 2013 Illinois Public Media surveyed Stratton students and staff on their media use. Read on for the results. . .

Our survey polled 202 Stratton 3rd-5th graders and 19 staff members. Survey participants were given a list of media to rank from their most used (1) to their least used (5). The media included TV shows, books, movies, computer apps and games, and music. The results are clear: Overall, the Stratton community watches TV shows more than they use any other media. But let's break that down.

Forty-two percent of Stratton staff surveyed said they watch TV shows more than they use any other media, and 27% of students said they use TV most. Wrote one staff member, "I like being engrossed in stories. Since I got things like Netflix and the ability to stream shows online, I have also really enjoyed the ability to watch what I want, whenever I want." For students, though, 33% (that's 1/3 of students!) say they use computer apps and games more than any other media. But both groups report they spend on average 3 hours and 45 minutes of TV time a day. According to the Television Bureau of Advertising, this estimate is about right. For both groups' most used media ranking, reading books came somewhere in the middle followed by music and movies.

Students voted their least used media as books. This is not surprising since so many students say they learn and get their entertainment from computer apps and games. For teachers, the least used media is movies. Do you think teachers have less time to spend on movies than students? Is there any media you wish you had more time to use?

Other interesting takeaways: Two staff members wrote in that they also love to listen to radio (at WILL we appreciate that!). Students and staff wrote in the types of apps they use, which include Pinterest, Facebook and email, among others. Students noted that they use computer apps for games, but that they also frequently use the Xbox 360. One student reported that does everything on his Wii: watches TV, movies, Skypes, listens to music and play video games. Lastly, after students completed the survey, they drew pictures on the back their sheets and expressed that in addition to all the techonology they use, they also like to draw, so we can keep the old-fashioned pen and paper to our list often-used media. Maybe we'll include that in our next survey.


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