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"Ask Me About" November 2014

"Ask me about EXCITING news in Strattonville...!"


Congratulations to Strattonville's new student city council!

  • Mayor: David Navarra
  • Secretary: Rhyan Bernard
  • Treasurer: Ella Greer
  • 1st Grade Representative: Austin Lechel
  • 2nd Grade Representative: Julien Moss
  • 3rd Grade Representative: Destyni Hughes
  • 4th Grade Representative: Gedeon Kapongo
  • 5th Grade Representative: Amanda Hahn

Our City Council, as well as new Citizens of Strattonville, was sworn in by Champaign Mayor, Don Gerard. During the assembly on Friday, a key to Strattonville and a key to the city of Champaign were exchanged between the two mayors. 


Strattonville is busy getting ready for the Grand Opening of Market Days! 
November 18, 19, & 20th!

Each student of Strattonville is given one shopping day during Market Days...ask me if I am going to save any of my paycheck!

We have Market Days on:

  • Tuesdays: Red Group
  • Wednesdays: Yellow Group
  • Thursdays: Blue Group

Ask me what my color group is...


Strattonville's 1st "Bring Your Parent to Work Day" is scheduled for November 12th during Microtime @ 1:05-1:55.
Come to Strattonville to see Microsociety in Action!


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