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Hello Stratton Elementary!

Greetings everyone!

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves: We've been working with students during this past school year at Stratton to learn about the connection between composition in writing and the artistic process, especially when it comes to creating video. You might have seen us around the halls, and some of you have helped us to document the sights and sounds of Stratton. Thank you for everything you've done so far to make our time with you enjoyable and educational! Now that we've been granted a space on this blog, we're excited to share with you all some of what we've been doing in the school so far, as well as keep you updated about what we're up to now. On this page you will be able to find examples of student writing prompts, visual evidence of our activities, and video work produced by the very talented students at Stratton. We'll also have occasional posts that will reach out to students, parents, and staff members alike to join in on the fun and contribute their own feedback and ideas. We look foward to meeting as many new faces as we can and having another incredible semester at Stratton!

Best wishes,

Instructors Brad Olson and Meadow Jones

Coordinating Professor Joseph Squier

Writing with Video // University of Illinois

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Market Days captured by the News-Gazette

Check out the great photos captured by the News-Gazette yesterday! Great Market Day to share with the local community, Strattonville!

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Calendar of Events

The 21st Century Media Center has made a calendar of events for Micro Time. Listen to our podcast for more explanation of how we made the calendar and how to add items to the calendar. You can view the calendar by clicking here. Please leave any activities you want added to the calendar in the comments. 

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Calendar of Events

The 21st Century Media Center has made a calendar of events for Micro Time. You can view the calendar by clicking here. Please leave any activities you want added to the calendar in the comments. 

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MICRO Think Tank: January 16, 2014

The MICRO Think Tank is Strattonville's venue for venture reflections every Friday. Students and Facilitators may choose to write reflections in Micro Journals or in the comments that follow the post.

Please write in complete sentences.

Please answer the questions after watching the video:

The MICRO Think Tank thought prompts this week are:

1. What is your favorite art project that you have done so far this year? You can talk about something you have done in your venture, in art class, music class, drama class, with Krannert Art Museum, or in your own classroom.

2. Were there any art projects you saw in the video that you would like to do? What were they?

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Venture Adventure

Welcome Juan Reyes to 21st Digital Media Center's newest team member!

Please post any questions you have for Mr. Reyes in the comments.

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The Newscast

Listen to my newscast online!

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Tashyia's podcast

My podcast is great if you listen it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Milez's First Podcast

Hello, everyone!  This is my First podcast!  :) 

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Thinglink Example

Here is an example of what we can do with thinglink, a tool for making images interactive. Click on the picture below to see the interactive image. 

Our Venture

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The Coral Reef Project Skypes with Marine Biologist

On October 9, 2014, Mr. Rutherford and his Coral Reef Project venture had the opportunity for a Skype date with a REAL MARINE BIOLOGIST! Woah! That's sounds super fun! 

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Peace Officer Commercial

Strattonville Tv Studio and Peace Officers worked together to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about how to maintain order and peace (of course!) while Strattonville community members walk down the hallway.

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Market Days

Strattonville Market Days highlighted by the Strattonville TV Studio.

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Karaoke' Cafe

Strattonville's TV Studio worked with the Karaoke Cafe to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement)

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Micro Night Interveiws

Hi Maria  from 21st century digital media here. This video has micro parents and students saying what they liked about micro night.

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Stratton Media Habits Survey

In February 2013 Illinois Public Media surveyed Stratton students and staff on their media use. Read on for the results. . .

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Micro Society at Stratton

In this video you will see a little bit of what happened at Strattons first micro night.

At micro night lots of people came and saw what we do in our micro society.

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Hi everyone! My name is Alison Marcotte. I am an intern at WILL, and I have been working with the Strattonville citizens of the 21st Century Digital Media Center all year.

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I am operating the camera.


I really enjoy working at the 21st Digital Media Center. I also like shopping during my Market Day.

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WILL feild trip

It was a very fun experience and learning opportunity. It was fun working with the staff at WILL and their high tech equipment, it was a great trip and I would like to visit the WILL studio again. 

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Operating the camera

i was operating the camera when we ware doing a pratice production

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