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Stratton Students Learn through Video-Making

This semester, we've been working with students in Mr. Rose and Mr. Rutherford's third grade classes in small groups on an exciting video-making project. In this project, students worked together in small groups to identify a topic they wanted to explore and learn more about. Then, they used video cameras to research this topic, gathering helpful footage in the form of interviews and other types of video. With this footage, students then worked in their groups to decide what footage was useful to their project and helped us edit it all together into short video stories. During this process, students learned much more than simply how to hold a camera and press record. Instead, these students were able to use video as a way of exploring the world around them and to express themselves in a form of composition process that is directly tied to art-making and design-thinking. We hope you enjoy their work!

More student projects and info about our process of learning to come!

Mr. Rose's students want to know about "Secrets of the Teachers"!


This group from Mr. Rose's class are learning about "Minecraft"!


Another group from Mr. Rose's class was inspired by their classroom fishtanks, and want to share some "Fish Facts".

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